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Like other vegetables, cauliflower is loaded with fiber which helps prevent digestive problems. They also contain glucosinolates and isotiocyanates, who are known to slow the growth of cancer.

Choline is another nutrient which is present in cauliflowers which is involved in the production and maintenance of neurotransmitters which helps run your cognitive system.

Normally the vendor will deliver the items to their customers. In case the vendor is not having their delivery system, then will arrange the delivery through the third party delivery executives which they have signed contracts for delivery. 

If the payment is "Cash on Delivery" the customer can pay to the delivery executives. 

Packing Bag: We are encouraging to deliver the items in a cloth bag and the customer is requested to return the bag to the delivery executives for an incentive which will be credited to their "Wallet". The incentive will be fixed by and subject to change without prior notice.

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