malu Puttu Podi


High quality rice ground into fine powder to yield superior rice powder, ready to be cooked into delicious Puttu.

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Puttu is a traditional and most popular breakfast dish of Kerala prepared with rice flour and coconut. Puttu is usually served with kadala curry or it is served with pazham (small yellow banana)and sugar. Puttu, Cherupayaru curry, pappadam is another great combination. Puttu is very delicious either way.

Puttu Preparation

  1. Take 2 cups of Malu Puttu Podi in a bowl. Add a little salt.
  2. Add water little at the time and mix well with your finger tips.When you take a handful of flour and press it between your fist, it should hold its shape, when you press it again a little harder, it should crumble. That is the right consistency.
  3. The flour should be crumbly and moist. There should be no lumps.You can blend it in a mixer for 2-3 seconds using the whipper blade. Keep it aside for 15 minutes.
  4. Layer the puttu kutty (cylindrical tube) first with a little grated coconut, then add 2 fistful of puttu flour.Then again add grated coconut followed by puttu flour.Repeat the same process until the mould/puttu kutty is full ending it with grated coconut.
  5. Now fill the puttu pot with water, cover the cylindrical tube with lid and fix it on the pot. Keep it on high flame. Once the water start boiling in the pot, you will see steam escaping from the holes on top of  the cylindrical tube, reduce the flame and cook for another 5-6 minutes.
  6. When you get a nice flavor of steamed puttu, switch off, remove the cylindrical tube/puttu kutty from the pot, open it and gently push the puttu using a wooden ladle.

Serve hot with kadala curry or payaru and pappadam or small yellow banana and sugar.

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