malu Pepper Powder 100g (IISR)


Excellent quality pepper powder, collected and powdered under the expert supervision of the scientists at the Indian Institute of Spice Research. The purity of the spice powder hence guarantees excellent flavor and aroma with only one third of the powder conventionally used. The 3 layer Biaxially Oriented PolyPropylene (BOPP) packaging also helps to lock the flavor inside the packet until the seal is broken.

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Black Pepper is one of the popular spices and is known as the ‘King of Spices’. This spice originated in the Western Ghats of India. In India, black pepper is mainly grown in Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Konkan, Pondicherry and the Andaman & Nicobar Islands. India is the #1 producer, consumer and exporter of black pepper. This spice is called as ‘Black Gold’ due to its international trade factor.

Pepper plant is native to South India, and is extensively cultivated there and other tropical regions like Brazil, Myanmar and Indonesia. Pepper plant is tropical, moreover, it grows mostly in the Southern states of India and these states have very humid climate (almost 90% of pepper cultivation of the world done there). It means black pepper loves extremely humid climates where temperature never falls below 60 F (16 C). It is a vine with beautiful heart-shaped leaves (like betel leaf), it grows on a support from hanging aerial roots and produces small spike like white flowers in summer before setting fruits.

Health Benefits of Black Pepper

  1. Has antibiotic properties.
  2. Improves digestion.
  3. Stimulates apetite.
  4. Helps in weight loss.
  5. Prevents bacterial infections.
  6. Helps in boosting metabolism.

And many more.


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