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Kozhikoden Halwa(100g)

Halwa made in ghee with different flavors such as pineapple, tender coconut, dry fruits and wheat.

Price: 50

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Chicken Biriyani

Prepared in Kozhikoden Dumm style with fresh white leghorn chicken,ghee and spices.

Price: 190

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Mutton Biriyani

Prepared in Kozhikoden Dumm style with fresh mutton (goat),ghee and spices.

Price: 220

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Fish Biriyani

Prepared in Kozhikoden Dumm style with fresh fish, ghee and spices.

Price: 250

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Prawns Biriyani

Prepared in Kozhikoden Dumm style with fresh prawns, ghee and spices.

Price: 300

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Vegetable Biriyani

Prepared with fresh vegetables, ghee and spices.

Price: 130

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Fish Curry Meal (only on Friday’s)

Fish Curry prepared in coconut gravy, with pickle and vegetable fry.

Price: 180

 200.00  180.00 Read more

Vegetable Meal

Delicious vegetable curry with vegetable fry, vegetable mix and pickle

Price: 130

 150.00  130.00 Read more

Student Biriyani

Kozhikoden Dumm Biriyani with only 1 piece Chicken (instead of 2) and no boiled egg.

Price: 115

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Chicken Dry Fry (40gx10pcs)

Broiler chicken pieces marinated with spices,deep fried in coconut oil sprinkled with curry leaves and black pepper powder.

Price: 200

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Bamboo Rice Payasam (മുളയരി പായസം) (1 Ltr)

A very tasty kheer made Bamboo Rice which has medicinal properties, especially for diabetic patients.

Price: 250

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Family Pack (Chicken Biriyani)

Biriyani Rice 2kg | Chicken 10 Pcs | Chicken dry fry 30gmx15 pcs|
Pickle | Coconut Mix | Raitha

Price: 999

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Chicken Manchurian

A very popular Chicken dish which is part of Chinese cuisine.

Price: 150

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Mutton Pepper Fry (50gmx5pcs)

A tasty, Kerala-style, Mutton dish marinated in pepper.

Price: 250

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Chilli Chicken (30gmx10pcs)

An Indo-Chinese Chicken dish which goes well along with Fried Rice and Noodles.

Price: 170

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Chicken Varutharachathu (വരുത്തരച്ചത്)

A popular Kerala-style chicken curry prepared by adding roasted coconut with spices.

Price: 190

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Chicken Varattiyathu (വരട്ടിയത്)

A mouth-watering traditional Malabar chicken dish that goes best with Porotta, Appam, Pathiri & Puttu.

Price: 190

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Palada Pradhaman (പാലട പ്രഥമൻ)(1 Ltr )

A delicious Kheer from the vibrant Kerala Cuisine

Price: 250

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